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Default Abuse of the Royal Family

Stupid really, but I gotta comment and this seems to be the place

Prince Harry is getting fucked over by the Press... I want to add my 2 cents.


Harold Windsor is a human being. He is young, impressionable and desperately trying to make his own mark in a world obsessed with plastic tits, bank balances and football - I understand his problem - I don't feel human either given the classic definition of what it takes to be one.

Pakistan is a valid identity for a country - much like Scotland... if one is to assume offence that an individual hailing from Pakistan is a Paki... one must also accept that it is offensive to refer to a Scottish born individual as being a Scot. However ... I am a "Scot" and fiercely proud of it so if a habitual resident of Pakistan considers it a slight to be called a Paki then that is not a valid legal problem - it's an admission of total paranoia; it's a problem yes... but not mine, not the media's, nor anybody's but his(her) own.

READ THE ARTICLE and see that the only people who have an objection to these three year old comments are NOT BRITISH SUBJECTS. So fuck 'em! If "Limey" is banned from acknowledging Christianity when entering a Muslim country (take my word for it - I had to sign an "anti-Christian disclaimer to be permitted to set foot off the plane)... then lets play tit-for-tat and actively expel and ban ANYONE who wishes to practice any other retarded religion from entering this country other than our own preferred form of retarded religion (did you see what I did there?), dismantle all mosques and offer asylum only to people who have an independent intellect... (effectively discounting 99.9% of the fuck-wits who were born here from ever being permitted to move abroad but I can live with that if it means we can refuse entry to the utterly insane religious fanatics and weak minded prats who all appear to have been offered positions in local councils the minute they arrived here). [If you read that carefully you will see that there is no libel or insult contained therein]

I don't give a flying phuk for the royal family... but I do have a soft spot for human beings and their naive little games... like politics, banking, prostitution and Legal Representation - (hmmm - they ALL fuck people for cash... what a coincidence). BUT... Harold Windsor didn't ask to be a prince, he was born into the position... so give the kid some slack and let him BECOME the man he will be... instead of using him like some fucking tool in order to generate yet more vitriol in an unnecessarily complicated ongoing series of racially sensitive bullshit.

FFS - you'll be telling me next that I can't call my own father a motherfucker and I have two sisters as evidence.
[Heaven is a place on Earth - we humans call it Amsterdam]

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Nicely put - I wish I'd written that.
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Can Rouge run for US President. Even if he can't he will get atleast one write in vote in 4 years.
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