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Slain(e) with intent «seS»Slaine Every day people are straying from the church and going back to God 08 Oct 2007
The Dark one «seS»cLONe X6800 build. 12 Oct 2006
War's watercooled Opt «seS»WARHIRE I will be documenting building my new PC as well as tracking my overclocking quest. The PC will consist of the following: AMD Opteron 148, DFI Lanparty Nforce4 Ultra-D, 2gig G. Skill DDR500<br />ATI X800GTO, WD 250gig SATA 2 Harddrive, NEC 3550 DVD RW, OCZ Modstream 520 PSU, ANTEC SLK3800B, Custom watercooling kit for CPU and GPU 17 Mar 2006
«seS» Sa1nt's New Rig «seS»Sa1nt My ongoing battle to keep up with technology. 27 Feb 2006

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